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Killer is the summoner of all imposters in Among Us. He has an ability to transform into his second form. Just like his brother Kill.


Killer's second form

Killer was just a regular crewmate. He spent a lot of time doing his tasks in the map of Skeld. He didn't agree with the crewmates. He will always get an arguments and get into fights, so he was a rebel and he grew curious on who were the imposters were since Killer wasn't the biggest fan of the crewmates, even thought they were his own kind he also know that the imposters also didn't like the crewmates. He was doing tasks every day, and he wanted to do something interesting. So he demanded that they send him to the map of Polus. Even though the crewmates warned Killer that it's dangerous, but he didn't care. Killer was now in Polus. He took some time to look around at everything that the crewmates built. Everything was so destroyed because of the imposters and the crewmates always constantly fighting. Killer went to laboratory and found the captain's body and kept it a secret for the future, and found Murr3y's hole. He has heard countless stories about Murr3y, due to the other other crewmates. He even found Molten's lava pool. He herd the legend that Molten is hiding down below. He also knew about Saboteur and Redd and many more imposters that can be found on Polus, and Killer had one wish. He wished that he can see these imposters, but he didn't know how. So Killer began to do some research, and he found Chary's Youtube Channel. Killer began to took notes of how Chary summoned these imposters. After he took notes, Killer began to experiment, to see if it was real. Killer managed to summoned Murr3y, Redd, Ivan and Saboteur. Now that he had all this power, he knew he can do whatever he wants since he managed to build a relationship with imposters. D4rk managed to give him a new form, with can allow him to change into his second form. So Killer is now known as the summoner of the imposters.